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Maksimum Sigorta

Maksimum Sigorta

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  • Who We Are
  • Our Mission and Vision
  • Specialties
  • What Are We Doing?
Who We Are




  • 10,000 active customers,
  • High brand value  Corporate Customers,
  • Strong capital structure,
  • Serving Fast and complete damage payment with Special Claims Service,
  • Provides Maximum Insurance service,
  • Damage and financial reporting services to companies,
  • Private Representatives for Companys,
  • Expert Staff,
  • Offering the best solutions.


Maksimum Sigorta was found by Dogan Sen in 1984. Mr Sen always contributed to the development of the Insurance Industry. Dogan Sen works on several projects with universities and non-governmental organizations to serve the growth of the insurance industry and move it forward to its bright future. He also serves as an expert witness in the consumer court due to his expertise in the field. He is a member of the İstanbul Chamber of Commerce Insurance Professional Committee and also a member of the ITO general assembly.

Maksimum Sigorta LTD is serving from in the heart of Istanbul to all around the World. We specialise in unique insurance solutions for Factory Fire, Fine Art and species, Cyber, Corporate, Constructions, Marine and Professional lines, Hull Insurances and Private health insurance solutions.

We have created a wholly expert team all around the World. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with quality risk and insurance solutions, advice and personal services.


Our Ethos

The original ethos of our business remains constant today, with the emphasis on personal service and client-focused trading principles. Our history demonstrates our determination and commitment to building strong, long term relationships based on confidence and trust.


Медицинское страхование для иностранцев


Maksimum Sigorta (Максимум Страхование) предлагает свои услуги из
самого центра Стамбула. Мы специализируемся на уникальных
страховых решениях и обладаем широким спектром страховых
продуктов для частных лиц и бизнеса. Мы предлагаем нашим клиентам
такие услуги как медицинское страхование (в том числе для получения
статуса ВНЖ), страхование имущества, автострахование, страхование
бизнеса и иные услуги. Мы проконсультируем Вас на русском языке.


Our Mission and Vision


Our Vision

To make Maximum Insurance Agency the insurance brand preferred by everyone who needs insurance.

To achieve a strength that makes it a reference point in the worldwide insurance industry as well.

Our Mission

In keeping with the deeply-rooted, pioneering, honest, and solid corporate values of Maximum Insurance Agency to:

  • Lead the sector,
  • Help create broad public awareness of insurance in Turkey,
  • Implement a customer-focused approach to service,
  • Increase our financial strength to international standards,
  • Enhance the value of our Company.






House Insurances

Workplace Insurance House Insurance
Sectoral Workplace Insurance Earthquake Insurance (DASK)
SME Package Insurance  



Other Products

Extended Fire Package Insurances Education Insurance

Smartphone Insurance

Travel Insurance

Cyber Risks Insurance

Family Insurance

Pet Insurance

Legal Insurance



Life Insurances and Individual Retirement

Private Individual Retirement Insurances
Corporate (Group Health Insurances) Corporate Individual Retirement
Critical Illness Insurance Life Insurances
Residence Permit Health Insurance Group Life Insurances


Engineering insurance

Financial Insurance

Solar System Engineering Insurance Domestic Credit Insurance
Wind Turbine Engineering Insurance Abroad Credit Insurance
Construction All Risks

Government Support Credit Insurance

Assembling All Risks Bail Credit Insurance
Machine Damage Insurance  
Electronic Insurance  


Liability Insurance


Cargo Insurances

Compulsory Liability Insurance for Sea Passenger Transport Compulsory Vehicle Insurance Load Insurances
Hazardous Substances and Hazardous Waste Compulsory Liability Insurance Green Card Insurance Commodity Transport Insurance
Cylinder Gas Compulsory Liability Insurance Compulsory Transportation Insurance Specie Transport Insurance
Compulsory Liability Insurance for Coastal Facilities Marine Pollution Compulsory Seat Accident Insurance Hull Insurances
Doctors Compulsory Liability Insurance

Mini Motor Insurance

Transporter Liability Insurances
Doctor Complement Compulsory Liability Insurance Motor Insurance CMR Insurances
Vocational Liability Insurance Full loss Insurance Domestic Transporter Liability Insurances
Employer’s Liability Insurance Army Staff Motor Insurance FFL Insurances
Third-Party Liability Insurance Personal Accident Insurance Warehouse Liability
Public and Products Liability Insurance Seat Accident Insurance All Transportations Liability Insurances
Elevator Accident 3rd Party Liability Insurance Public Transportation Seat Accident Insurance  
Environmental Pollution Maximum Vehicle Insurance  
Executive Responsibility    
Products Liability    
Cyber Risks    




What Are We Doing?




01) A pre-planned risk inspection is made, estimated preparations are shared.
02) Calculating Sum insured after asses work.
03) Collaterals suitable for the risks of the facility are selected.
04) Responsibilities are determined.
05) Advising less exemption.
06) Special conditions are determined.
07) In case the commodity movement changes according to the months, subscription agreement studies are carried out.
08) Special guarantees are taken for machines and electronic devices.

09) Physical damage coverage, garden assets coverage, hail damage coverage, vehicle collision extended coverage, forklift damage, business interruption, loss of profit, alternative workplace costs, hazardous material and waste insurance and other specific coverages are informed and required. included in the policy.

10) Employer’s liability policy
11) Third Party Liability Insurance
12) Fidelity Guarantee Insurance



  • You can report your damages 24/7.
  • Advising for having less damage
  • Teams from experts and agencies will be with you as soon as possible.
  • We will assist you in completing the required legal documents regarding the damage in a short time.
  • The insurance policy provides service in case of damage.
  • A correct policy satisfies the after damage.



  • Training of personnel about Dangerous Goods ADR regulation.
  • Training for drivers on keeping a "Traffic detection report" for motor insurance and vehicle damages.
  • Training on shipping insurance and damage practices,
  • Training to benefit from SGK to reduce the damage frequency of Health Insurances
  • Training machinists before getting damaged.



  • Accidents can get reported
  • Sending the reports are monthly and yearly
  • Sending the health insurance reports
  • With detailed transportation reporting, your management, accounting and foreign trade units are supported.